Have you recently leased or currently searching for an apartment in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area?

It is a mad house! I equate it to shopping at Target on Black Friday. So many options, so many deals. Go for the Doorbuster only to find they sold out an hour ago. We definitely feel your pain and it is very similar when searching for an apartment in this market. According to the Dallas Morning News via MPF research, there are over 50,000 new apartments being built as we speak Learn More Here. Whoa.. That’s a lot of apartments. Where are all of the people going to come from to occupy these said apartments?

Roughly 140,000 people are moving to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area per year since 2014. This is huge as this equates to roughly 383 people per DAY. Wow. Now talk about a population boom. Here is how these apartments will get people in. First and foremost they will offer specials. Many doing 1 month Free and a few even doing 2 month’s free. But, here is the kicker. How are you, the renter, going to know where these killer deals are? I mean many apartment communities are doing it but which ones and what areas?

That’s where the locator comes in. You see, many of us know the ins and outs of the apartment industry as well as knowing where you will and will not want to live. We specialize in the neighborhoods we service and know exactly which communities are doing deals and which are not.

We work for FREE– to you anyway. We are paid by the community you decide to lease at. We call all of the possible apartments based on your wants and needs to ensure they have what you’re looking for well before ever wasting your time taking a tour. This is a huge value, and if you have looked recently for an apartment, you know there are many options.

Many apartment locators also offer reimbursements just for letting them help. We at UResidential offer up to $500 depending on where you lease. Some others offer free moving services or other incentives. It really is a win-win to use a locator in this market. They do not charge you and actually pay you for their work. What other industry does that? Ha! If you have ever bought a house, chances are you used a Real estate agent. Same thing applies here except it’s for an apartment. So if you are in the market, please give us a shout. Let’s get to work!

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