Apartments with Fitness Centers

Ah yes, finally 2017 has arrived.  If you are anything like us, you come up with your best New Years Resolutions.  Usually, getting in shape is at the top of the list for many Americans.  It is the pinnacle of a new beginning of self-improvement physically, mentally and spiritually.  The key to any new year resolutions is consistency.  There is a vast jump in new gym memberships Jan and Feb of each year.  Everyone trying to do the same thing and that is: GET FIT!  I think one of the biggest drawbacks to going to the gym is, inconvenience.

But, what if your gym was at your apartments and you only had to walk downstairs?  That would be ideal, right?  We have scurried the apartments with fitness centers around the uptown and downtown area to compile a list of our top 3 communities that have the best fitness centers so here ya go.

Olympus at Ross

  • Apartments with Fitness CentersThe top apartment with a fitness center is hands down Olympus at Ross.  Or should I say 3 fitness centers?  This new community was built in 2014 and sits on the corner of Washington and Ross.  This luxury mid-rise has a weight room, cardio room, and spin room all equipped with high-end machinery.  While a one-bedroom goes for around $1200-1500 and two-bedrooms go for $1800-3000, the fitness center here will save you $50 in gym fees.



Skyhouse Dallas

  • Apartments with fitness centers Perhaps one of the best high-rises in Dallas right now is Skyhouse Dallas.  An absolutely gorgeous modern with high rise amenities hard to beat in any city.  The fitness center here has a yoga studio, weight room, and cardio for the one trying to shed off those holiday pounds.  While a 1 bedroom can set you back 2000 plus, the amenities here far make up for it.  These apartments with fitness centers will knock your socks off with the views of the city.



Southside at Lamar

  • Apartments with fitness centers in dallas The next property on our list is an oldie but goodie.  If you are into true loft living and love the industrial feel, there is perhaps no other building better than Southside on Lamar.  This is an extremely popular building and is full of artists and professionals alike.  They have a huge weight room that is included in the rent and has as many treadmills as your little heart desires.  This building has a ton of amenities but the fitness center might be the best.  If you’re looking for a personal trainer, you’re in the wrong place.  BUT, if you’re looking for an APT, Call us. Don’t do it alone!



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