Spring Time in Texas

What an absolute treasure it is to live in Texas during the Spring.  The temperature is just the perfect situation of not being too hot or too cold.  Depending on what part of Texas, you are looking at an average temp of 80 degrees.  You can’t beat that!  As well as the nice temperature, we have the most beautiful bluebonnets imaginable and are actually world famous for them.  Many people travel to just have photos taken with them.  It’s truly a site to be seen.  As well as bluebonnets, the leaves start coming back and beautiful flowers bloom.

Spring time in Texas is not all bluebonnets and butterflies because we deal with some pretty serious weather.  Tornados are somewhat normal and let me know you about the hail.  The hail is, well, hell.  We see anywhere from dime size to softball size hail as we did two nights ago from doing this post.  This weather can be lovely and dangerous but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  This brings us to our next point is insurance.  With this terrible possibly dangerous hail and storms, you want to make sure you are equipped with wind and hail damage insurance.  Your home can get severely damaged and having the right insurance will save you thousands of dollars.  This goes for renters insurance too, because you never know what can happen.  Trust us!


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