November in Dallas

November in Dallas is an exceptional time of year for Dallasites and people in the DFW in general.  The average temperature is 55f although lately seems to be in the 70s.  Not too cold and not too hot, just right.  Hey, we’re not complaining one bit but is global warming real?  Seems to be here.  All kidding aside, there are so many things to do this time of year as we count down the days until Thanksgiving and then Christmas.  Many fall festivals are happening as well as some major events and show to catch at the Dallas Arts District.dallas-arts-district

Take a look at the list that Guide Live has provided here. 

Some of our favorite happenings go on at the Dallas Arboretum.  One of the most beautiful public gardens to visit during the fall.  Autumn at the arboretum is an absolutely gorgeous time of year here and you better capitalize and get those photos done stat.  Our favorite photographer that does fantastic fall shoots is Stephanie Pina with Stephanie Pina Photography.  Ask us about how you can get free entry into the arboretum.  

dallas-arboretum November in DallasMany of the restaurants around the city change menus by the season and they are sure to provide the best fall flavors around.  Have you guys been to Flora Street Cafe?  If you haven’t, it’s a must.  The Dallas dining scene is one of the best in the nation and which a whole book could be written on and we will write another article on food at another time.  What you need to know is to get out of the comfort of your living room and venture into these gems throughout the city.

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