Is your upstairs Neighbor having a rave?  Loud Noises Scare me

Here are some tips for dealing with loud neighbors:

Dealing with loud neighborsI felt inspired to write this piece because I am currently going through this very situation.  Oh the noise, it’s killing me.  Some nights I feel like they are raving and some nights I feel like a wrestling match.  This past weekend they were definitely doing some sort of native dance.  You see, we live in a mid-rise building and you can sometimes get lucky where the building actually puts steel and concrete in between floors or you can get extremely unlucky where it seems as though there is just a piece of wood separating the two floors.  There are many ways to noise proof apartments and for more info go to this article.

Of course, a lot of this is just luck.  In our case, the building was well built but we just happened to get that dreaded upstairs neighbor that sounds like Andre the Giant as they walk through the apartment sounding like a stomp to a marching band when they are probably just walking to the bathroom. Sorry, just had to get that out.  There are a few steps to try that might help with this issue.

I would say the first thing would be to actually talk to your neighbor.  Let them know how much you can hear and hopefully, they will be more cognizant of their noise.  If that doesn’t work, talk to your management office.  Advise them you have already spoken with your neighbors and ask what remedies they have.

Talk to your neighborSome of them might let you move if it is too bad.  In order to validate this complaint, don’t be afraid to call the courtesy office to let them hear just how bad it is.  They always notate their calls and this will be your ammo.  Last but not least, would be to break your lease.  In my opinion, peace of mind is much better than having to put up with the tornado above for the whole lease term.  Of course, this will cost money but most apartments will allow you to break your lease by paying a penalty fee.

We definitely feel your pain if you are going through this.  If you would like to prevent leasing somewhere that was built like a matchbox, you should definitely hit us up.  WE know where these buildings are and who they were built by.  It’s just a bonus of using an apartment locator that knows what they are doing. Thanks for reading our tips for dealing with loud neighbors.

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