Have you used a Dallas apartment locator?

Are you relocating to Dallas or just moving period?  Many people have used a <a style="color: #00ff00;" href="http://uresidential simvastatin 40 mg tablet.com/”>Dallas apartment locator with and without a good experience and many people don’t know what an apartment locator does.  Due to the thousands of communities throughout the DFW area it is extremely tough to find what your looking for and that where a locator comes into play.  Dallas apartment locators especially with University Locators are experts in this market and know where you will and will not want to live based your specific criteria.  Locators work for free for their client because they are paid by whatever apartment community they lease at.  They typically have inside information on property condition, rates, specials, and other information that won’t be available to the average renter.  The good locators will work tirelessly to help find exactly what your looking for.  Many locators also offer rebates just for letting them help you.  Apartment locators are like working with a realtor when buying a home but for apartments.  There are many reasons to use a Dallas apartment locatorContact us today for more information.


Dallas Streets- EEK

Dallas streets are bad. It’s axiomatic at this point. When the city asked residents what it should prioritize in its new budget, the resounding first choice was road repair. The city’s awkwardly beautiful video explaining next year’s budget touts the extra $16 million to be spent on “improving streets.” Everyone supports fewer potholes, but the hard truths about what it would actually take to get Dallas roads and alleys to the point of being acceptable show both how far behind the city is and how unlikely it seems that it will ever recover.  Courtesy of The Dallas Observer simvastatin tablets.

There is a way to avoid most of the treacherous roads we drive on.  Move closer to your workplace.  While people are commuting 30-45 minutes each way, more and more people are moving downtown or uptown to avoid these problems.  Simple solution, but easier said than done.


Amazing deals in the medical district uptown areas!

The Dallas Medical District is hot right now with new apartments being built everywhere.  Whether your working at Parkland Hospital, UT Southwestern, Children’s Medical Center, or want to be close to uptown but avoid the uptown prices, the medical district might be a viable option.  There are seven new communities in their lease up phase and offering, at the bare minimum, 1 month free.  The Dallas Medical District lies on the border of I35E, NW Highway and Inwood Road and backs up to Love field and Highland Park.  If your looking for a nice option to live in the middle of Dallas with a more affordable price, this is for you.

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