Apartment Amenities to Die For!
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Apartment Amenities to Die For!

What apartment amenities do you look for in an apartment?


Chances are, amenities are just as important as the actual apartment itself.  With so many people choosing to rent instead of buy at the moment, apartment amenities should be on the forefront of your mind as you look for your next apartment.  There are soo many options in the DFW metroplex so there is no need to settle for something that lacks the amenities you long for.  We have taken an honest look at our wants and needs as well as our clients wishes to comprise this list of amenity must haves for any apartment regardless of age.  Have a look:

Chances are, amenities are just as important as the actual apartment itself.  With so many people choosing to rent instead of buy at the moment, apartment amenities should be on the forefront of your mind as you look for your next apartment.  There are soo many options in the DFW metroplex so there is no need to settle for something that lacks the amenities you long for.  We have taken an honest look at our wants and needs as well as our clients wishes to comprise this list of amenity must haves for any apartment regardless of age.  Have a look:

  1. Apartment Amenities Alexan Arts Fitness Center-  First and foremost is the tried and true number 1 amenity for all ages.  Now a days apartments realize how important these are to us and are beginning to spend top dollar to provide us with the top of the line equipment.  We have seen several communities doing Technogym equipment which is the same equipment many olympic athletes train on.  This equipment is not cheap folks.  We have seen several communities doing multiple rooms including cardio and weight rooms for their fit
    ness center rivaling the most complete fitness centers in the area all to keep you on property and saving you $20 to $100 a month.. Who needs 24 hour or LA Fitness when you have a gym at home?  The ‘ol throwing a few treadmills in room and calling it a fitness center has gone and went.
  2.  Pool-  Aw yes, the swimming pool or resort style pool as many call it these days.  A very close second to the fitness center is the pool area.  Whether you’re a single adult or a family, everyone can appreciate a nice pool with lounge chairs, cabanas, and a sun tan.  You no longer have to go to mom and dads to swim in a nice pool.  Builders are realizing that people crave water in this Texas summer heat and putting many dollars into this.  We see if all over the uptown area and really all over the metroplex.  We have also seen some pretty outrageous pool parties.  Our suggestion would be to take a look at the community and if the place look like a pool party waiting to happen, it probably is.  But, that is not a bad thing for everyone.  Many of couples have met at these “pool parties.”  The resort style of some of these provides a reason to not go anywhere else when your ready for a swim.Apartment Amenities Pool
  3.   The business center-  Well, let’s face it, not every works 9 to 5 in an office.  There are some people who work from home or college students who just get tired of looking at their four walls in the living space.  That’s where the business center comes in, which is huge for said people.  Hey instead of spending all of your money on expensive ink and paper, let the apartment foot that bill.  If you work like we do, that adds up over the 12 month’s or more you are living there.  In addition to that, it’s a nice escape and you might meet a friend.  Or depending on where you live, the networking you can do in a business center is invaluable.  We have seen multiple properties providing both Mac and PC users capabilities to tackle whatever work or school project they might have.

Now that is a list of our top 3 amenities that we believe should be top notch wherever you decide to move.  There is just too many options to settle for mediocre on any of these.  Now obviously, many apartment communities offer much more than this but this is our pic simvastatin price.  We would love to hear what your must have’s are.  Please shoot us a comment or email and let us know.  In the meantime- Happy Leasing!

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Hacked By Shade

Do you know how to get a lower rent when apartment hunting?  There really is a method to the madness when searching for an apartment.

Did you know that the rent can change from one day to the next all depending on when you first secure a quote?  Let me explain:- With the countless apartment communities going up…

Where will you be doing Halloween?
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Where will you be doing Halloween?

Oct. 31 falls on a Monday this year, but the Halloween fun starts way before then. There are lots of tricks and treats to be had in Dallas,

from massive costumed block parties to classic horror flicks. So stock up on candy, stitch up that costume, and get ready to celebrate the most absurd and absurdly enjoyable holiday of all…


What’s an apartment locator, you might ask?

Using an apartment locator is an excellent way to find apartments that meet your specific criteria, as it takes the guesswork out of finding an apartment by allowing you to select specific amenities and price ranges you need in a new home. While many apartment locators have websites, you can also visit some of them at offices if you prefer to meet with an agent in person or do not have access to the Internet. Whether you choose to use an apartment locator online or visit a physical location to speak with an agent, doing so can offer you many benefits and facilitate your apartment search greatly.

An Apartment Locator Makes Renting Easier

An apartment locator can make renting an apartment much easier for you, since it allows you to select specific criteria you need in the perfect complex. Whether you want a luxury two-bedroom apartment in a gated community or a low-income efficiency, using an apartment finder is the perfect way to locate the perfect new home for your specific needs and preferences. After you have narrowed your apartment selection to a few complexes, you can begin calling each complex and taking tours to pick out the best apartment for you Read Full Article.

An Apartment Locator Can Offer You Rent Rebates

Another benefit of using an apartment locator is that it can offer you rent rebates when you use the service to select an apartment. In most cases, these rebates range anywhere from $100 to $250 off your first month’s rent when you let the staff at an apartment complex know you have found them through a locator. In addition, some apartment locators can provide you with information about free moving companies, which can help you save even more money on your move.

Using an apartment locator to help you find your new home is a great way to ensure you select an apartment that meets all your specific needs and preferences. Whether you need an upscale studio apartment or a large three-bedroom, using apartment locators to help you choose your future home is an excellent way to find the best place.

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Top 10 neighborhoods for school in DFW

1. North Plano

Immediately south of State Highway 121 just west of Custer Road is an area of northeastern Plano that’s inside Frisco ISD. Anderson Elementary and Fowler Middle School are among the local campsuses that push this area to No. 1.

2. Frisco (north of Eldorado)

The area north of Eldorado Parkway and west of Coit Road contains Sem Elementary School, which is among the top elementaries in the region. It’s also home to Maus Middle School. Highly rated Heritage High School and Roach Middle School are nearby.

3. West McKinney

Drive a short way east on Eldorado from neighborhood No. 2 and you’ll be in west McKinney. This area has many of the same strong schools. Then as you drive north towards U.S. Highway 380, you enter Prosper ISD, where institutions schools such as Lorene Rogers Middle School give Frisco a run for its money.

4. Frisco (east of Preston)

East from of Preston Road North and State Highway 121, you’d be hard-pressed to find areas where students don’t attend consistently good schools.

5. Craig Ranch

Another group of excellent FISD Frisco ISD schools can be found in the nearby Craig Ranch area of McKinney, north of State Highway 121 and east of Custer Road.

6. Flower Mound (along Stone Creek)

Drive three or four miles west of Interstate 35E on Main Street and then Cross Timbers Road, and you’ll be just north of the area between Long Prairie Road and Stone Creek Park. Here you’ll find students who attend the best combinations of schools in Denton County.

7. Flower Mound (Flower Mound Road to Lake Grapevine)

Students living in the swath of developments stretching from Old Orchard Lane to the lake attend some of the same schools as students in neighborhood No. 6, and get results that are nearly every bit as good.

8. West Plano

Students living between Independence Road and Preston Road in the northern part of West Plano attend Frisco ISD schools. They benefit from a superior education at places such as Borchardt Elementary and Fowler Middle School.

9. Frisco (west of Dallas North Tollway)

South of Main Street between the Dallas North Tollway and Teel Parkway are many housing developments, including the Starwood planned community. Schools attended by students in this area, particularly the parts due west of Starwood, are very good.

10. Downtown Frisco

As Frisco leaders continues efforts to revitalize the suburb’s older core and original downtown, families can look to the area for the same excellent schools paired with an increasingly “in town” feel. Older homes, as well as condos, offer less expensive alternatives to some of the newer developments.

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A little uptown history.

The now-upscale Uptown area was originally outside the city limits of Dallas, and was home to those not welcome in the city. The west side, near present-day Harry Hines Boulevard, once hosted a large Hispanic neighborhood known as Little Mexico. The east side, now anchored by Cityplace Center, was the site of the Freedmen’s Townestablished by freed African-American slaves. Very little of this working-class history remains, with the Hispanic west being turned into high-rise buildings, and the African-American east being destroyed by the construction of Central Expressway and Woodall Rodgers Freeway. All that remains of Freedmen’s Town is the Freedmen’s Cemetery, which gained national recognition when Central Expressway reconstruction revealed over 1,100 graves beneath existing and proposed roadways. wikipedia