What are the best school districts in North Texas?

Are you new to North Texas or Texas in general?  Are you planning to move here or do you currently live here and expecting a little one?  Do you already have a family and looking for the best school districts in North Texas?  Well, you are not alone.  That is a question we, as Realtors, get quite often.  As we all know, North Texas is huge and there are many different districts to consider.  What might be best for one student, might be different for another.  I think it’s also what you, as parents, value most.  There are several questions you need to ask yourself when wanting to know the best school district in the DFW.

First question would most likely be academics.  How are their academic grades and test scores?  How do they stack up against other districts.  This is rightly the most important thing on our radar.  I mean, our kids need education and the proper education like they need a glass of milk in the morning.  Another important ranking would be how they stack up when it comes to health and safety.  Do they have a strong preventative and security throughout.  Do they have the proper medical and security staff?  Do they have their own police department as Dallas ISD does?  These days you can never been too prepared.  What about culture and diversity?  Is this important to you when thinking about the best school district in North Texas?  I know to many, it’s important to provide a culturally diverse education as that is what it’s like in the real world.  We think that sports and extracurricular activities are another huge factor when judging.  I’m sure there are many more deciding factors but these are the most important that we’ve found.

The Best School District in North Texas

So after skimming through the over 50 school districts in North Texas it is no surprise that Highland Park ISD takes the top spot.  This school districts rank an A+ with all of those rankings above minus the culturally diverse.  The education here is top notch throughout Texas.  Highland Park ISD services Highland Park and University Park known as the Park cities.  The second one on our list is Carroll ISD.  This district cover Southlake, Westlake, parts of Northern Colleyville and Northern Grapevine.  Southlake- Carroll has a well know athletic department and always ranks high in test scores.  The third and last that we will cover is Coppell ISD.  This school as an absolute gem and constantly ranks with an A including the culturally diverse which is not the case in the previous 2.

The fact is, there are many fantastic school districts in Texas and these are just our top 3 pics.  Again, what might be important for one family might not be for another.  We suggest you weigh your options and ask an expert as well as visit the schools if you can.  We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please contact us for more information.