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Apartment Boom in Dallas

Many of you that live in Dallas or North Texas, in general, would be hard pressed to not notice the 30 something new apartment buildings in the loop going up everywhere.  It’s like, wow, where are we going to find…

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Spring Time in Texas

Spring Time in Texas What an absolute treasure it is to live in Texas during the Spring.  The temperature is just the perfect situation of not being too hot or too cold.  Depending on what part of Texas, you are…

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Mortgage rates are on the rise!

Could this be true?  Are mortgage rates on the rise after years of historically low rates on home loans?  According to the chief economist for the National Association of Realtors, Lawrence Yun, they are most definitely going to rise.  It…

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Top 3 Apartments with Fitness Centers

Apartments with Fitness Centers Ah yes, finally 2017 has arrived.  If you are anything like us, you come up with your best New Years Resolutions.  Usually, getting in shape is at the top of the list for many Americans.  It…

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Tips for Dealing with Loud Neighbors

  • Tips for dealing with loud neighbors

Is your upstairs Neighbor having a rave?  Loud Noises Scare me Here are some tips for dealing with loud neighbors: I felt inspired to write this piece because I am currently going through this very situation.  Oh the noise, it’s killing…

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